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The Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute for nearly 30 years already has been specialising in building up innovation performance in the areas of machine construction and maintenance, and technical and environmental safety. Additional areas of the Institute’s activity include model solutions in the field of technology transfer and continuing vocational education, which are the foundation of the EU strategy – “Europe 2020.” The focus on the EU and Poland’s priority research areas enabled the Institute to undertake novel, cost-effective and socially required basic and applied research.

An important field of the Institute’s activity is systems research concerning knowledge transformation and technology transfer mechanisms and structures, intellectual capital development, innovation management and marketing and forecasting of future research directions. The fact that the Institute has coordinated numerous strategically important research programmes, e.g. the “Innovative Systems of Technical Support for Sustainable Development of Economy,” only adds to its importance and serves to prove that this is a highly acclaimed Polish public research organisation.

To tighten the ties between the Polish R&D sector and industry, the Institute designed and implemented a Technology Platform, addressed to Polish and international scientific institutions, enterprises, and intermediary organisations, which constitutes an important tool for knowledge and technology transfer at the Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute. Currently over 40 entities, particularly SMEs, are incorporated into the Platform.


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